Industrial hemp, medicinal herbs, ziplines, adventures and workshops on the SUNNY PARADISE estate. Genuine nature.

Zipline Maribor

The longest zipline in the vicinity of Maribor, on Sunny Paradise estate. Attractive Flight BEEFLIGHT for children and adults.

Wine fountain

Take a special glass with an electronic chip on your walk among the local wines barrels and choose your own combination of wines.

SUNNY PARADISE ESTATE – zipline, Honey day, welcome to nature …

Between the vineyard hills, away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Maribor, a hidden treasure spreads over a slope. The farm estate that has been resting for many years has called on us to change it and bring it closer to the people and to restore its fertile soil. The forces behind us that directed us to create the SUNNY PARADISE estate are the sun, the source of energy, and the soil that gives us everything we need for life and for the love of nature.

Visiti us on SUNNY PARADISE estate

PETRA AND BOGDAN MAK, owners and creators of SUNNY PARADISE estate.

We are Bogdan Mak and Petra Mak, the owners of the SUNNY PARADISE estate and the creators of all the contents at the estate. This awakened our desire (and with this also our mission) to create in the natural environment and to encourage others to follow a path similar to ours.

The SUNNY PARADISE estate,a piece of paradise between the vineyard hills, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The SUNNY PARADISE ESTATE offers freshness and something different, not only because of its location but also because of its approach. Let your visit here be an experience, both for adults and children. Guided tours around the herb garden, walks through sustainable orchards or visits to exceptional trees in the forest.

BEE FLIGHT Zipline, safe fun for kids and adults.

The BEE FLIGHT zipline offers 340 meters of double flight over fruit trees, blackberries, berries, herbs and flowers that cover the meadows on the estate. The average speed of the bees is 24 km/h, but during your flight, you will reach the speed of up to 40 km/h.

Medicinal Herbs for your health, grown on SUNNY PARADISE estate.

For centuries, herbs have been considered as a potent medicine. At one their reputation was so high that they were even named after gods (for example, Pelin – the botanical name for Artemisia, derived from Artemis – a Greek goddess of the wilderness, protector of women and children). Although we now have a more rational approach, their effect is unquestionable. Herbs contain medicinal substances just before flowering.

Honey with herbs – industrial hemp, lavender, sage …

Honey has been highly valuable to humans as a part of their diet since ancient times.  What do you get when you combine Slovenian honey and the CBD from hemp oil? A present for your health and your well-being. At the SUNNY PARADISE estate, we produce high quality honey and infuse it with various medicinal herbs (hemp, lavender, sage) to enhance its health maintenance qualities. We are striving to restore the natural balance of our meadows and pastures, as this has been somewhat forgotten in the recent years. The fast pace of life requires us to be focused only on ourselves most of the time. This can quickly make us forget about our surroundings. The nature is becoming increasingly polluted, which is reflected in numerous natural disasters. Sometimes, it seems to us that this is happening everywhere but in Slovenia. However, the effects of the increasing pollution are becoming more apparent. Our soil is polluted with waste, plastic, pieces of furniture that are being disposed of in the open air, for example in the woods. We are littering the nature, woods, meadows and pastures, somehow not being aware of the fact that at some point, all this will be the heritage of our successors. The SUNNY PARADISE estate was established with a very special mission in mind: to restore the balance and harmony of our meadows.

Honey with herbs – industrial hemp, lavender, sage …

Honey is a sweet, thick liquid produced by bees. It is rich in beneficial herbal ingredients and has an extremely beneficial effect on our health.

Workshops & activities

At SUNNY PARADISE estate we deeply care about experiences. To experience something means feeling something with all your senses. Feel nature, freedom and relaxation, feel happiness, feel your body moving and breathing. Feel yourself in the moment. This is our mission, our goal! 

What others are saying about SUNNY PARADISE estate.

Maribor’s closest zip line, an extremely pleasant owner who guides through the estate. Amazing.

Team Meating pub & restaurant

Visitors - Sunny Paradise Estate

It was beautiful, full of surprises and superbly taken care of everything. I am really glad that our mentoring event was a success. We will certainly remember the visit. They were presented to us in the best light possible. The whole family and the team. Congratulations and bravo!

Ani Klemenčič

Visitor - Honey day

Firewalking, hospitality, the beauty of nature and quality products.

Neža Lovše

Visitor - Sunny Paradise Estate

A wonderful estate, praiseworthy activities, and the owners are driven, hardworking, innovative … I’m glad that I was a part of this. Would visit again. Go and visit the property, you will not regret it!

Zala Časl

Visitor -Sunny Paradise Estate