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Bogdan Mak and Petra Mak, owners and creators of SUNNY PARADISE estate.

We are Bogdan Mak and Petra Mak, the owners of the SUNNY PARADISE estate and the creators of all the contents at the estate. Have you visited us yet? We decided to buy an abandoned farm because we wanted to get in touch with nature. This awakened our desire (and with this also our mission) to create in the natural environment and to encourage others to follow a path similar to ours.

As children, we were both closely connected to nature, the countryside, our home environment. We are now reawakening this feeling inside us. This awakened our desire to create in the natural environment and to encourage others to follow a path similar to ours. We decided tu pursue organic farming, which is driven by listening and understanding of the nature, coinciding with the purpose of our existence on the planet Earth.

We are not professional farmers, but an economist and a wood technology engineer. But that is the beauty of it and the reason why we want to obtain new experience, new knowledge and learn new things to enrich the environment in which we live and work. We live in the present moment, trusting our feelings and going with the flow. In doing so, we listen to our great teacher – the nature and her rhythms.

The SUNNY PARADISE estate – a piece of paradise between the vineyard hills, away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Maribor.

Between the vineyard hills, away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Maribor, a hidden treasure spreads over a slope. The farm estate that has been resting for many years has called on us to change it and bring it closer to the people and to restore its fertile land. The forces behind us that directed us to create the SUNNY PARADISE estate are the sun, the source of energy, and the soil that gives us everything we need for life and for the love of nature.

The SUNNY PARADISE estate slowly began to awaken in all its beauty in 2015. The best fertile areas were planted with industrial hemp, pumpkins, spelt, fava beans and sweet potato. The estate’s speciality is definitely its herbal garden in the making, which will acquire a distinctive shape over the years. Currently it contains marigolds, everlasting, sage, wormwood, purple coneflower, St John s wort, and lavender. The entire production of SUNNY PARADISE estate is organic, because we know that caring for our environment is one of the most important tasks of our generation.

In the coming years, we want to enable our visitors to really to get in touch with nature. We want to show them that coexistence and return to our roots is possible even at the time of a rapid pace of life. We would like to offer more to the general public and provide the information that our successors will need to wisely use the gifts that the nature offers us.

SUNNY PARADISE – zipline, Honey day, welcome to nature …

What visitors think about SUNNY PARADISE estate?

Maribor’s closest zip line, an extremely pleasant owner who guides through the estate. Amazing.

Team Meating pub & restaurant

Visitors - Sunny Paradise Estate

It was beautiful, full of surprises and superbly taken care of everything. I am really glad that our mentoring event was a success. We will certainly remember the visit. They were presented to us in the best light possible. The whole family and the team. Congratulations and bravo!

Ani Klemenčič

Visitor - Honey day

Firewalking, hospitality, the beauty of nature and quality products.

Neža Lovše

Visitor - Sunny Paradise Estate

A wonderful estate, praiseworthy activities, and the owners are driven, hardworking, innovative … I’m glad that I was a part of this. Would visit again. Go and visit the property, you will not regret it!

Zala Časl

Visitor - Sunny Paradise Estate