Guided tours with food tasting and experiences on SUNNY PARADISE estate

Domov / Guided tours with food tasting and experiences on SUNNY PARADISE estate

Guided tours with food tasting and experiences – nature in all its beauty.

Do you want to spend your day differently, surrounded by nature, and learn about the many secrets that nature has to offer? Join our guided tours at the Sunny paradise estate to find the piece of the puzzle that will bring colour to your life. At the guided tour in the Honey park, you will visit one of the biggest apiaries in Slovenia and see the work of the bees from the inside of the beehives. You will experience the flight of the bee with VR googles and see all the plants that we grow on our estate. We will show you our industrial hemp plants, present the complete story and the healing effects of this wonderful plant. We will take you to the blackberry maze, passing by 9500 melliferous plants growing on the estate, through the permaculture garden and so on. During and after the tour, you can taste the complete range of our products that we carefully produce by hand at our SUNNY PARADISE estate. You can also make some interesting products by yourself at home. We will tell you the secrets of the craftsmanship and where to collect or obtain the best ingredients to make your own natural homemade products.

Guided tour:

Includes: Guided tour of the Honey Park and tasting of various products made at the estate


Adults                                                               7 eur

Pupils, students, seniors                                  6 eur


Families (at least 1 adult & 1 child)

Adults                                                               6 eur

Children(6-18 let)                                              4 eur



Adults                                                               5 eur                                      

Children – up to 5 yers                                   3,5 eur                                                                                 

Children – from 6 to 18 years                        4,5 eur  

The SUNNY PARADISE estate is still under development and our image is still in creation, so we would like to reveal the direction in which we are going. We intend to grow sustainable crops for the well-being of the bees and the people, create homes for bees, use plants to treat waste waters, use natural materials for construction, grow vegetables under the principles of permaculture, and above all, share our knowledge and experience with you and provide an insight into the processes that could be useful to you in one way or another. Would you like to organize a tour of the herbal park for your friends, colleagues or acquaintances? Contact us and we will be happy to put together a program for an unforgettable experience in the nature.

We also offer a combination of a guided tour and a crazy adrenaline rush experience on our zipline, The Flight of the Bee. We can include catering, beverages from homemade syrup, desserts and similar, by prior arrangement, enabling you to spend a wonderful day in the company of your co-workers, friends or family.

At the SUNNY PARADISE estate, we take experiences particularly seriously. To experience means to feel something with all the senses. Feel nature, freedom and lightness, feel happiness, feel the breath and the movement of the body. Feel yourself in the moment. This is our mission and our goal. For more information, click on the photo you are interested in. Within the technical days for schools, teambuildings or just when meeting with friends, you can experience different workshops, such as soap-making or bird-feeder making workshop, participate in the fire walking ritual and in many other interesting and colourful experiences.

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