Honey with herbs – industrial hemp, lavender, sage …

Domov / Honey with herbs – industrial hemp, lavender, sage …

A varied selection of organic homemade honey infused with herbs.

Honey has been highly valuable to humans as a part of their diet since ancient times.  What do you get when you combine Slovenian honey and the CBD from hemp oil? A present for your health and your well-being. At the SUNNY PARADISE estate, we produce high quality honey and infuse it with various medicinal herbs (hemp, lavender, sage) to enhance its health maintenance qualities.

Honey is a sweet, thick liquid produced by bees. It is rich in beneficial herbal ingredients and has an extremely beneficial effect on our health. Honey is particularly healthy if used in place of refined sugar, which contains only empty calories. Honey contains certain nutrients that contribute to better health. This is especially practical during winter days when we are trying to avoid catching a cold.

At the SUNNY PARADISE estate, we are striving to restore the natural balance of our meadows and pastures, as this has been somewhat forgotten in the recent years. The fast pace of life requires us to be focused only on ourselves most of the time. This can quickly make us forget about our surroundings. The nature is becoming increasingly polluted, which is reflected in numerous natural disasters. Sometimes, it seems to us that this is happening everywhere but in Slovenia. However, the effects of the increasing pollution are becoming more apparent. Our soil is polluted with waste, plastic, pieces of furniture that are being disposed of in the open air, for example in the woods. We are littering the nature, woods, meadows and pastures, somehow not being aware of the fact that at some point, all this will be the heritage of our successors. The SUNNY PARADISE estate was established with a very special mission in mind: to restore the balance and harmony of our meadows.

Beekeping at the SUNNY PARADISE estate

At the SUNNY PARADISE estate, we are intensively engaged in beekeeping and we have several beehives. Bees are remarkably fascinating insects that contribute to the harmony and bring balance to meadows, pastures and even to our food industry. The food industry, you might ask? The answer to this question is yes. In order to feed the ever-increasing world population, we need more and more food, which should be diverse, balanced and of good quality to ensure the progress and well-being of humanity. We have a higher objective in mind. We know what has happened to nutrition in the recent centuries. The constant lack of time in our lives causes the trends to bring more and more unhealthy, frozen foods that are quick to prepare.

Bees are known for their role in the provision of high quality quality food. Bees are wonderful animals that help us to get products such as honey, royal jelly and pollen and other products used in healthcare and in other sectors (beeswax, propolis, bee venom). Bees are becoming more and more popular in the cosmetics industry. They are most prominent in skin care – their venom is used for skin care in various creams and treatments that give the skin a youthful appearance. But their work is so much more!

Did you know that the largest contribution of bees and other pollinators is the pollination of almost three-quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food? In fact, one third of the world’s food production depends on the bees.  Every third spoon of food depends on pollination.

The SUNNY PARADISE estate and the World Bee Day, HONEY DAY.

At the SUNNY PARADISE estate, we are aware of the importance of the bees and the contribution they make to the nature and to our products. For this reason, we organized a HONEY DAY. What is Honey Day? As of 2017, 20 May is officially declared World Bee Day. As a part of this holiday, SUNNY PARADISE estate decided to organize Honey Day to celebrate the coexistence of bees and humans. Bees in nature show us that the connection between humans and bees can help us to achieve wonderful results. Many have helped us in the organization of our Honey Day. HONEY DAY is the day when we should ask ourselves if we really depend on these bugs and do they really dictate our rhythm of life?

The Honey Park Project covers a bit over 2.5 hectares of meadows, which we turned into extensive meadow orchards that will have the biodiversity specific to our area. We planted more than 10,500 plant seedlings here, which is more than one plant for every tenth inhabitant of Maribor and its surroundings. We want to symbolically mirror the proportions of the population of our city with the plants in the park and show that even in such a large city, it is possible to make a change in the direction of nature conservation and protection.

The park of melliferous plants is designed in such a way as to offer the bees a varied and high-quality organic forage throughout the year. The instinctive pollination of bees and other insects is the key to our future and to the future of our children. Everyone who cares about tomorrow should consider this.





Organically produced honey – why should you eat it?

In recent years, nutritionists have started to look down on sugar as one of the foods that are extremely detrimental to our health. Does this also apply to honey – a natural sweetener? What are the actual effects of honey on our health? Let us look at some surprising facts about honey – it has been used since the ancient times as food and medicine.  It was once used for healing open wounds, as it is very sticky and it covers the wound with a layer that prevents the bacteria from entering. It was also used in nutrition as a sweetener. Such use has been preserved to this day. Honey can be used for cosmetic purposes, namely, for the preparation of hair masks, face masks or facial scrubs.

The smell, taste and colour of organically produced honey – everything you need to know.

The smell, colour and taste of the honey reflect the flowers the bees foraged on. Herbs give a special taste to the honey. Honey can be optionally infused with them. Did you know? The darker the homemade honey, the more protective antioxidants and amino acids it contains. The honey has little or no fiber, fat or protein.

Scientists believe that the combination of its compounds makes honey an exceptional natural antioxidant. Antioxidants are associated with a reduced risk of heart attack, stroke and certain types of cancer. As an ointment, honey can be a part of an effective treatment of burns, wounds and many other skin diseases. It is especially effective in the treatment of diabetic foot. At the SOČNI RAJ estate, we prepare special types of honey and infuse them with various plants. Honey is infused with the herbs that grow on our estate. These herbs are sage, lavender, mint, hemp and ginger. Each herb makes the taste of the honey a bit specific. You should try them all! The secret of nature lies in the herbs and the effects they have on our bodies. Do not forget that lavender is soothing, ginger strengthens the immune system, mint is great against colds and respiratory diseases, and last but not least, industrial cannabis is the miraculous superfood.

How to prepare a natural homemade honey mask for dry skin?

During the winter months, our skin can become dry and broken. This can lead to premature signs of ageing. With a honey mask, we can nurture our skin and restore its glow. Here is a short recipe for the preparation of a homemade honey mask. You will need two ingredients: honey and milk.

Instructions: mix honey with plain milk and heat in a pan at medium temperature. Stir both ingredients until they turn into a thick paste.  Apply a slightly cooled paste to your face and nose with a cotton pad. Apply a thin cotton strip over the paste and let it dry. Leave the mask on your face for up to twenty minutes and carefully peel the strip from your face. You will immediately feel the difference in the moisture and elasticity of the skin. You will see how your skin will glow and shine – and the unsightly blackheads will be gone. At the end, wash your face and apply a moisturizing cream.